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My life story as a photographer and visual story-teller, not as an engineer or manager!

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Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.


  Henri Cartier-Bresson

I am a hobbyist photographer, passionately exploring the world through my camera, expressing myself through my photos and trying to click with people before clicking the shutter! I am also an experienced chartered bridge engineer. But, this site is only dedicated to my photography works. For all other subjects not related to photography, please visit my main site.

I have started photography under my mum's tuition since I was a teenager and later on, have learnt more from and been inspired by several award-winning photographers like Tara Pretty, Ray Lowe, Martin Norris, Vineet Kumar and Gavin Hoey.

My fields of interest in photography are mainly travel photography including architecture, historic places, folklore festivals, traditional dances, etc. However, I also photograph people especially in their ethnic costumes, portraiture and occasionally, nude art. Overall, I do try to be a story-teller with my shots!

Although I consider myself as a hobbyist photographer and so, generally do not accept any photography commision offers, you can purchase some of my works here on this website.

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Faye Sewell

Shooting with Sohail was an absolute joy on each occasion. He's a very creative person and not just in the photography but also in locations, styling and themes too! After shooting together on several occasions we then collaborated on the covers of my novels and I was so delighted with the results. So many people have complimented the photography! We got so many great shots together, ranging from natural light on some shoots, to carefully crafted studio lighting on another. I thoroughly recommend shooting with Sohail!

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Zara Watson

Had the pleasure of working with Sohail on a workshop. He was lovely to work with, friendly, easy to get on with and respectful. He took some lovely images. Hopefully work with you again in the near future. Thanks a million.

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Luna Loves

I had a great shoot with Sohail. He really sets the seen and allows you time to get into character and play your role on camera. He is very welcoming and great fun. I would highly recommend him.

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Neva Moria

I had a really lovely shoot with Sohail! We met up, went to the location, and got straight to work. He is very conscientious about well being while shooting as it is still a bit chilly. I'm very happy with how the images are coming out! Thank you for a lovely shoot.

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