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Album #4 with Faye Sewell



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Wherever there is light, one can photograph.

  Alfred Stieglitz

My type of happiness is when I have my 3rd photo shoot in a row during my stressful time with a wonderful creative friend, Faye Sewell. Faye is an amazing vegan actress, model, author and LGBT activist with a super cool admirable personality. Although our common interests help a lot in our photo shoots, in general and for any photographer, working with Faye is an absolute delight vanishing all the stresses and leaving both the photographer and model with joy, happiness and sense of accomplishing an epic shoot. I am so delighted and honoured I could work with her a number of times.

This photo shoot on my few-day stay in London was supposed to be a very casual and relaxed photo shoot without any professional lighting equipment. Indeed, I didn't have any of my lights and we only used natural lights from the window! Yes, only natural lights for a natural beauty both inside and out.